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Soulbuni Silversmith Live Jewelry Boutique and Studio Workshop

Artist Statement

Born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, Mandi grew up surrounded by Native American arts. Her grandmother and aunt were life-long collectors of Navajo and Hopi jewelry, paintings and pottery. Their love for these things grew on Mandi and she became a collector and creator as well. To her, a piece of turquoise is a thousand times more special than the fanciest diamond, and more rare.

In 2005, Mandi began silversmithing. With the help of her collection of old Native American books and influences of her childhood in Arizona, she taught herself to work in metals. Mandi is inspired by the history and origins of native materials and techniques, and she tries to translate that to her own work. "I like jewelry that is strong, has history and that can withstand changing times and trends. There is something about a heavy piece of silver or stone that absorbs the warmth and energy of it's wearer that attracts me."